Meet Lacey Ann Ingrao...

I'm a native Californian but have truly found a home here in Michigan. I love the seasons and after 4 years I'm still loving the Winter. The downtime I feel during winter allows me the energy to push hard during the farming seasons. 

I hold a M.A. degree in Transpersonal Psychology, with a concentration in Eco-psychology from Naropa University. As an Eco-psychologist my breadth of knowledge includes nature-based therapies, edible landscape creation, transitions and rites of passage, and mindfulness in Nature. 

In addition to connecting with nature, I have been sharing the practice of Yoga since 2007 and has maintained a personal practice since 2000. Yoga was the catalyst for a life in alternative forms of health, wellness and food access. 

I am committed to community work and find ways to volunteers when able. My side gig is Event Coordination for Michigan Food Farming Systems (MIFFS), a non-profit organization providing services, education, and resources to beginning and historically underserved farmers.

My main gig though... I'm a farmer and beekeeping. On our farm, I feel most authentic. I, along with my partner Adam, keep bees and produce honey and value added products in addition to sustainably grown vegetables and cut flowers. Along with this, I am responsible for implementation and management of the sensory garden and healing space. 

On the farm we host a variety of wellness opportunities and provide one-on-one transition Coaching as well. In 2015, I became an Ordained Minister to provide more ceremony based rituals such as weddings and soul connection rituals on and off the farm. 

My greatest loves...

My partner Adam 


Doobie and Daisy

Close Friends






Maple Syrup


French Fries

Brussels Sprouts


The Forest, any forest

Hiking, Biking, Swimming

Roller blading

Taking baths

Dark Sky Parks

Listening to the sound of bees, fire crackle and Adam whistle

.... just to name a few.